Dayvi Schuster

Dayvi Schuster
Professional programmer and web developer, with an eye for clean and efficient code, a mind wired for problem solving and a zeal for creating new and exciting things.


Fenris CMS

Fenris CMS is one of my side projects. The end-goal for it, is to create a fully fledged dotnet core web CMS.

The technologies currently in use are:

  • .NET Core
  • Entity Framework
  • Linq

dotnet core .net c#

Volt Http

Volt is a simplified HttpClient for the dotnet core Framework.


Foxhole is an Authentication Microservice written in dotnet core


Wallmedien is a website I have developed during my employment at Wallmedien



MyMeplato is a portal I am helping to develop during my (ongoing) employment at wallmedien.


Meplato Content Summit

Meplato Content Summit was an event website I helped develop during my employment at wallmedien.



AsoGroup was a website I helped develop during my (past) employment at


GoBot is a fairly simple IRC Bot skeleton I have written in Go

go irc bot


Icarus Media Player is an android app I am working on in my free time that allows real time sharing of music files within a short to medium range radius from your device.

In essence what it will allow users to do it create a hub that multiple users can connect to at once and share music live.

About me

> Name:  
   => "Dayvi Schuster"
> Birthday:
   => "4.Sep.1990"
> Location:
   => "Bielefeld, Germany"
> Interests: 
   => [ "code", "software development", "linux", "snowboarding", "Star Wars" ]
> Email:
   => ""
> Short Description:
   => "Hi there! My name is Dayvi Schuster and I am a software developer, with a very broad skillset 
         specialized primarily in software, web development(backend) and mobile app development. 
         I like to stay up to date with the latest standards and practices by subscribing to tech 
         oriented blogs and podcasts. Amongst my other passions are: 
         open source, animals, snowboarding and keeping my mind engaged and in a state of constant learning."

> Skills

// Software // Web // Mobile // Other
C++ Python Java PostgreSQL
C# Go C# MySQL
Java ASP.NET (C#) Xamarin MongoDB
.NET Javascript Android Studio Linux administration
.NET Core NodeJS Android UX development Linux development
Python VueJS Windows phone development Bash
WPF ReactJS Phonegap OOP
UWP AngularJS AI
Go HTML5 Data science
Gtk Laravel

> Drop me a mail

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What others say about me

Knowledgeable, helpful and full of useful advice, Dayvi was quick to reply to my messages and never late on a deadline. Also, a thoroughly nice bloke.
Dayvi shows an unparalleled knowledge of clean, well written code that's performs as well as it looks. An asset to any project.
As a developer I come to Dayvi when I can’t solve a problem. He’s always happy to help and he really knows his craft. I’d recommend him in a heartbeat.

Most recent blog posts

How to use the 280 characters twitter has given you?

Now that pretty much everyone and their grandma has gotten 280 characters on twitter a few weeks ago which is just enough time to see the 280 character long tweets in action, I can safely and 100% confidently say:

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Dayvi Schuster Dayvi Schuster - nixfox
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Microsoft announce the best way for developers to collab on their code

on November 15 2017 Microsoft showed a live preview at MSFT Connect of their new and upcoming feature dubbed "Visual Studio Live Share".

What the feature will do is allow two or multiple developers to collaborate on a project together in real time, something many other companies and IDE's have tried before but never got quite right see cloud9, but here's to hoping Microsoft nails it with their upcoming feature. While this feature is not strictly speaking groundbreaking or new and has been seen in Office already, it will offer some pretty cool things like collaborative editing, debugging and break-point synchronization... read more
Dayvi Schuster Dayvi Schuster - nixfox
Posted on: Wed 15.Nov.2017

Discover how working for free can actually pay

It has long been almost common knowledge that if you work in any creative field including software development, you should NEVER ever accept spec work or work for equity, as it will only devalue your work, decrease your worth as a professional, allow the corporate overlords to take advantage of you, dry up all the seas of the world and rain blood for 20 years, okay I might have gone a bit over dramatic there at the end, but if I were to go by some of the opinions I've seen and heard on "working for free or equity" I...

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Dayvi Schuster Dayvi Schuster - nixfox
Posted on: Mon 13.Nov.2017